The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Inventory in Albion

Chevy is one of the fastest-growing brands in the motor industry. For 2021, the company debuted the Silverado 1500, which is now available at Bidleman Chevrolet Buick GMC in Albion.


The Silverado 1500 is engineered for every drive you may want to undertake in from Batavia to Buffalo. Chevy ensures you have all to tackle any obstacle on your way, from the potent powertrain available to a list of other performance enhancements. Most drivers will consider performance and other hauling capabilities before choosing a truck, and the Silverado doesn't disappoint you either.

One of the engine options for the Silverado 1500 is the Turbo 2.7L, which is ideal for drivers with concerns about fuel consumption. This powertrain carries a fuel management tech feature and achieves 310 horsepower on its eight-speed auto transmission. Shoppers looking for more get a V6 EcoTec 4.3L bearing the same fuel consumption feature. Contrary to the 2.7, this engine mates to a six-speed auto transmission and delivers 285 horsepower.

A 5.3L takes care of drivers seeking high horsepower and torque outputs and incorporates the V8 system for the horsepower of 355. Interestingly, this comes with either a ten or eight-speed transmission, depending on the model you choose. This engine is also equipped with a fuel management system and auto start and stop technology. There is also an EcoTec version of the same 5.3L with no fuel management feature.

Standard drivers can pick LM2 Turbo-Diesel with a horsepower of 277. This Duramax engine delivers a horsepower of 460 and mates to an auto ten-speed transmission. Notably, it also comes with an auto-start and stop tech and can tow up to 9500 pounds. A fully powered 6.3l V8 L87 serves you with a dynamic fuel management system and links to an auto ten-speed transmission at the end of the lineup. With a horsepower production of 420, this powertrain tows a maximum of 13,000 pounds.


The Silverado 1500 gives you total confidence when pulling any road ahead, thanks to the available towing tech. Silverado employs up to fifteen cameras that display every corner of the car for easier hitching and parking for an all-surround view. An in-vehicle system comes in hand to display various trailer profiles, including lighting, temperature, and car tire pressure.

The Silverado 1500 towing also comes with different systems, including the trailer sway control, a trailer theft alert, a brake gain memory, and a hill start assist. An available Chevy App also provides the latest information on how to handle your trailer and shows pre-departure checklists, trailer light tests, and more.

Cabin Tech and Cargo

The Silverado 1500 brings you a home experience on the roads. The cabin is comfortable and spacious and gives you all the convenient tech and connectivity features. A head-up display of fifteen inches displays important vehicle information on the windscreen, including speed and navigation. That ensures your eyes are glued to the roads, working as a safety measure of the Silverado.

When it comes to cargo, plenty of attention was paid to the car's interior. Rear seats hold a storage cabin, including an under-seat compartment for valuable items. The center console is also roomy for your gear, and the door pockets are a good alternative for small items. This Silverado has a dozen features for you to keep you connected and aware of everything happening around you. It includes the latest systems such as Apple CarPlay, WIFI hotspot, and Android Auto.


The Silverado 1500 brings a commanding aura to any Rochester or Medina road you drive on. The steel construction body gets clear body lines, which flow to the cars Durabed on the rear, which is the most functional among its rivals, bringing various innovations to suit your luggage specifications. The truck's bed also gets different LED lightings and a best-in-class Multi-Flex Tailgate.

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